We are happy to welcome new colleagues Thomas and Anne

January 2018

We are proud to announce that our team has just grown larger as we welcome two new fantastic colleagues that will strengthen our team with extensive competence in the fields of business and human rights and responsible supply chains.

Thomas Trier Hansen is a Danish lawyer, who is an expert in business and human rights, labor law, corporate governance, anti-corruption, data protection and public procurement. He has more than 18 years of professional experience with human rights and labor related issues in the Nordics as well as internationally from working in more than 45 countries in Latin America; Africa; Europe and Asia. He has vast experience with human rights risk mapping and assessments and is regularly carrying out assignments for the EU as an expert on human rights. Thomas is also a member of the GRI stakeholder council. Previously, Thomas served as a judge and chairman of the Court of Greenland. Read full bio here.

Anne Manschot is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Anne has focused her career on sustainability, specifically looking at supply chain risk management. She has worked as a journalist/editor, managed teams, and was in charge of projects regarding supply chain data collection and risk management tools. She is an experienced trainer on topics ranging from compliance to traceability. Read full bio here.

Welcome to our team Anne and Thomas! 🙂