WEBINAR: EU CSDDD – EU agreement on content

January 2024

The EU corporate sustainability due diligence directive has been long awaited. Whilst still not final, there is agreement on the cornerstones of the directive. 

On January 12th 2024, Enact held a webinar session where we addressed numerous questions regarding the directive. Who will it apply to? What will be covered? Why is the financial sector excluded? How far in the supply chain must we examine risks? Why is end-use excluded, but not distribution? When can a company be sued? Supplier termination – when and why? Penalties up to 5 % of company net turnover – when? Public procurement will be affected? 

The webinar was held by Sandra Atler, Director of Enact’s Business and Human Rights Practice Group, and moderated by Katerina Hnitidou, Advisor and Project Manager at Enact.

In case you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording below:

In case you or your company want to learn more about human rights due diligence in order to prepare for the directive, be sure to check out our intensive HRDD-course, running from February until May this year.