Sustainable finance is essential for a more resilient, fair and resource efficient society. Sustainable finance has a key role to play in improved risk management, identification of business opportunities and stronger stakeholder relationships in both the financial sector as well as companies. The landscape for sustainable finance and ESG-analysis is evolving at a rapid pace, bringing with it new demands from legislators, owners, investors and other stakeholders on the integration of different perspectives of sustainable finance and ESG.

We believe that a successful management of sustainable finance and ESG departs from a double materiality perspective. This includes recognising and managing the company’s impact on stakeholders, society and the environment alongside recognising and managing the impact of stakeholders, society and the environment on the company.

Our experienced and recognised experts will help you in building strategies, managing impacts, understanding stakeholders, training employees, complying with new ESG-legislation and much more. We have developed a number of practical tools offered in a range of services, all tailored to meet your needs and expectations.


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Complete regulatory overhaul – the best way to describe the rapidly changing landscape of regulation concerning sustainable finance and ESG in recent and upcoming years. We offer our clients help with training, strategic advisory as well as operational support when implementing and integrating new regulations such as:


  • EU Taxonomy (SFTR)
  • Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance Directive
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
  • ESG-amendments to existing regulation such as AIFMD, UCITS, Solvency II, IDD and MiFID

Turning compliance into strategy and business development is key to increased value creation and gaining competitive advantage in the new and ever-changing landscape of sustainable finance and ESG. A solid integration of ESG and sustainable finance measures in products and process make the company ready to proactively deal with increasing requirements from new regulation and stakeholders.

We help our clients identify and develop their ESG and sustainable finance value and integrate it throughout the organisation. We have in-depth knowledge and experience with for example:

  • Business and product development
    • ESG/Sustainable finance niche products
    • ESG integration in existing products
    • ESG frameworks for product development
  • ESG integration in business strategy
  • ESG integration in investment strategy
  • Development of ESG strategy/Sustainable finance strategy
  • Improved risk management structure

Green financing is growing in an unprecedented pace. Investments, loans and bonds increasingly comes with prefixes such as green, social and sustainability-linked. In the same manner, ESG and sustainable finance are gaining importance in IPOs and M&As.

We help our clients navigate this landscape, set the strategic direction, and develop the required documents such as policies, frameworks and reporting. Some examples of the support we provide in relation to financing:

  • Developing financing frameworks for green, social and sustainability-linked bonds
  • Investor reports for green, social and sustainability-linked financing
  • Benchmarking and advisory of financing and investment opportunities
  • Analysis of stakeholder requirements and expectations
  • ESG analysis and communication for IPO memorandum
  • ESG integration in M&A process
  • ESG analysis for M&A