Sustainability Reporting Group on LinkedIn

February 2015

Non-financial reporting is a hot topic now both internationally and in Nordics, not least due to the EU Directive on non-financial reporting and implementation of the legislation in individual countries. We have brand new legislation in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and many other EU countries.
At best, sustainability reporting should support organisations to develop their sustainability work in a structured way as well as to ensure that reporting will be relevant, interesting, and practical.
There is a need to share knowledge, experiences, and case examples to develop reporting practices, process and content – both with new and experienced reporters.

We are passionate about non-financial reporting and would like to invite everyone else interested in this hot topic to share their experiences and raise questions. We will be posting relevant topics at least in English, Swedish, Finnish and Danish.

We at Enact Sustainable Strategies, a consultancy based in Stockholm, Sweden are passionate about sustainability reporting and hope that you will enjoy being part of this group.

Please feel free to join the group here.