Ruben Brunsveld

+46 76 305 30 66


Vasagatan 7
4th floor
11120 Stockholm


Ruben has worked as senior advisor at Enact since 2013. He has a passion for the triangle of leadership, communication and sustainability. His focus is on responsible and values-based leadership with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and ethical business. He has trained hundreds of high-level private sector executives from Sweden, Russia, the Baltic States, Poland, China, India, Indonesia, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and many other countries in sustainable business and responsible leadership.

He is a very experienced process leader, moderator and speaker as well as a highly valued trainer for the public sector. His list of clients for training seminars in public speaking and international negotiations include inter alia the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Sweden, Poland and Iceland as well as many governmental agencies, high-level executives and TEDx events.

Ruben has a background as a human rights specialist and diplomat for the Dutch government, working for the Ministry of the Interior and the Dutch Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels.  Before working at Enact founded the Stockholm Institute for Public Speaking.