Jenni Strengell

Lautatarhankatu 10

00580 Helsinki, Finland

Jenni is a senior advisor and project manager at Enact. She supports clients in developing sustainable supply chains, human rights due diligence, and reporting practices in line with the CSRD regulation. Jenni is an appreciated, development-oriented consultant with the ability to grasp the bigger picture whilst simultaneously creating practical and solution-oriented approaches the clients can connect to their business processes. She is an experienced project manager and facilitator. Jenni has worked within sustainability topics for over a decade and has experience varying from very hands-on operational sustainability management to leading diverse teams.

Before joining Enact, Jenni worked as Head of Sustainability at St1, leading a team working across the Nordics and UK. Her work varied from implementing corporate level sustainability strategy and KPIs to developing processes managing human rights due diligence, value chain emissions, and compliant supply chains to co-creating new sustainability-oriented services together with partners across the company value chain. Prior to joining St1, Jenni has worked with sustainability topics at Neste, UPM and TVO. She also has experience from financial institutions.

Jenni holds a Master’s degree from Economics and Sustainability/Environmental Management, and is currently studying another Master’s in Responsible Sports Management at University of Jyväskylä. In addition to Finnish, she speaks fluent English and as well as some German and French.