Anne Manschot

+31 616965613


James Wattstraat 100
1097 DM Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Anne Manschot is a consultant at Enact and an experienced facilitator and trainer. She is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Anne has focused her career on sustainability, specifically looking at supply chain risk management. Her work experience in the private, public and non-governmental sector give her a 360⁰ view on how to address sustainability issues while keeping the interests of all stakeholders in mind.

Anne has worked as a journalist/editor, managed teams, and was in charge of projects regarding supply chain data collection and risk management tools. Since 2014, Anne has created and facilitated workshops and training on a diverse range of topics ranging from compliance to traceability. She worked and studied in multiple countries and speaks Dutch, German, English, Spanish and French fluently.

Anne holds a Bachelor degree in European Studies and a Master degree in Media and International Conflict Studies.

She recently graduated with honors from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam for her research on the effectiveness of social compliance auditing.