SI and Enact in Asia to market SIMP Asia 2016

November 2015

The Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) has been running since 2008 with participants from Africa, Asia and Europe.

Recently the Swedish Institute launched a new management programme targeting applicants from China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The programme goes under the name SIMP Asia and is spread over seven months. It comprises three weeks of intensive training divided into two introductory kick-off days in Asia, a two week module in Sweden and a concluding five day module in Asia.

During an intensive week in October Anna Sternbeck, Programme Manager at the Swedish Institute, and Mattias Iweborg, Executive Director of Enact Sustainable Strategies, set out on an intensive mission to visit four of the abovementioned countries with the purpose of marketing the programme and to meet up with interesting people and organisations. The first stop of the tour was Bangkok, Thailand and from there it continued to Manila, the Philippines. After two days in Manila the journey went on to Jakarta, Indonesia and then finally Hanoi, Vietnam before heading back to Sweden.

Anna and Mattias met with Swedish embassy representatives, company representatives and other influential business people from the different countries. Three open events were organised to promote the programme. In Manila a networking lunch was organised with support from the Nordic Business Council Philippines. Some 40 people from business and society defied the imminent typhoon and joined the interactive session. In Jakarta a breakfast meeting was organised in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy and in Hanoi Business Sweden and the Swedish Embassy supported in organising a lunch seminar at the embassy residence. In addition to the events, Anna and Mattias was on a number of company visits to get a feel for the corporate culture and climate in the countries and to meet up with representatives from companies with potential candidates for the programme. In summary, the marketing trip provided a fantastic opportunity for the SIMP Team to meet with interesting people, networks and organisations as well as potential candidates for the programme. It also gave us valuable insights and knowledge about how companies understand and work with sustainability in the region. Knowledge that we will bring with us in the continued development of SIMP Asia 2016.

The programme aims to engage progressive and open-minded leaders in their mid-career between the age of 25 and 45. Ideal participants are looking to broaden their management skills and holistic approach to business. Participants should be in a leading position within trade, industry or the public sector and aspire to sharpen their business mind, integrate sustainability in the business strategy and increase their global network of like-minded people.

The programme is funded by the Swedish government and there are no regular fees involved for the participants. However, travel costs to the Kickoff days and to the second module will be borne by the participants themselves. More information about the programme and on how to apply is available on the programme website here.