The transition to GRI’s new reporting standards – how to adapt your sustainability report to the GRI Standards 2021


09:00 - 17:00

In October 2021, GRI published an updated standard that all reports published from 1 January 2023 must follow. This training is aimed at those who have experience of working with GRI Standards 2016 and need to know how to adapt their sustainability report to the new revised GRI Standards 2021.

GRI launched an updated standard in October 2021 which all reports published from 1 January 2023 must follow to be in accordance with GRI. The revised standards are more clearly based on responsible business expectations. They have a greater focus on the reporting organisation’s actual and potential impact on environmental, economic and social sustainability, including human rights.

During the training, we will present the new structure, a number of key concepts and adjusted reporting principles. We will also carefully review the requirements that now apply to be in compliance with the GRI Standards. The training will provide you with an understanding of the revised universal standards, newly launched sector standards and adjusted topic specific standards. The training helps you and your organisation gain an understanding of what is needed in the transition to GRI Standards 2021 and how you determine your material topics according to GRI’s new process, including how GRI expects you to involve your stakeholders.

Effective lecture sessions are interspersed with interactive exercises and discussions based on participants’ prerequisites and challenges.

The course covers:

  • The new structure
  • Key concepts
  • Adjusted reporting principles
  • Requirements to report in accordance with the GRI Standards 2021
  • Reworked universal standards
  • Newly launched sector standards
  • Adjusted topic specific standards
  • The new process for determining material topics with a focus on the reporting organisation’s actual and potential impact on the economy, environment and people, including impacts on their human rights
  • Stakeholder dialogue as a part of the process

The course is directed at:
The course is directed at those who have experience with working with GRI Standards 2016 and / or have completed an course in GRI Standards 2016 and plan to publish a sustainability report in accordance with GRI Standards for the year 2022 and onwards. For those of you who do not have previous experience of reporing with the GRI Standards, we recommend attending the Certified GRI Standards Training.

The goal of this course:
The goal of this course is to develop the participants’ understanding of the revised GRI Standards and give them the conditions to make the necessary changes in the transition from GRI Standards 2016 to GRI Standards 2021.

This training will mainly be conducted in Swedish.

This course is organized by Bonnier Aktuell Hållbarhet in partnership with Enact. For more, check out Enact’s all upcoming trainings and events here!


Central Stockholm


09.00 Welcome and introduction
09.30 Background to the revised GRI Universal Standards

  • Why the revision occured
  • Integration of responsible business guidelines
  • Summary of overall changes

10.30 Break

10.45 Going through the revised standards 

  • Using the revised standards
  • Run through of the structure

12.30 Lunch

13.30 A deep dive in the revised standards

  • GRI 1, 2 och 3
  • Sector standards and topic disclosures

14.30 Determining material topics (including break 15.00) 

  • Run though of the new process for determining material topics, including Human Rights Due Diligence

16.00 Tools and other resources

16.30 Summary of the day

17.00 End of course


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