Human rights due diligence – the essentials


08.45 - 15.00 CET

Want to learn the basics and the essentials about human rights due diligence? Whether you are just starting off or you want to take the next steps in your work, this is the course for you. In this highly interactive  one-day virtual training we will walk you through what you need to know about human rights due diligence – in other words, all you need to know to get started and advance in your human rights due diligence work.

Human rights due diligence is the engine in a company’s work to respect human rights. For human rights due diligence to be successful, it needs to be integrated with internal processes and functions. The right people internally need to be convinced, motivated and capacitated. But human rights due diligence also has to respond to external expectations – in other words, demonstrate results. A process that does not manage the actual human rights impacts on people will not be seen as successful in the eyes of an ethical investor, a NGO or a committed buyer. The process needs to enable the right responses – preventing harm before it happens, and addressing harm where it has taken place. During this course, we will look at success factors from the internal and external perspective.

During this day you will

  • Learn about what a human rights due diligence is, what it entails and the necessary components, taking the starting point in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • Learn about good practice and how companies have dealt with challenges
  • Practically try out the first steps of a human rights due diligence – namely to identify human rights impacts and analyse risks from an external objective human rights perspective
  • Elaborate on ideas for how to begin, or advance the human rights due diligence journey inside a company
  • Engage and socialize with other participants in the course – through a variety of virtual socialisation opportunities and break-out group exercises

Who should attend this training?

  • Companies: Decision makers or experts in sustainability department, compliance or legal function, supply chain management, risk or audit functions, business planning experts, health and safety experts, community / environmental managers, sales managers, human resources
  • Civil society / NGOs
  • Unions
  • Consumer organisations
  • Government / municipalities
  • Public procurement


08.45 Online arrival and tech check 

09.00 Start up 

  • Welcome and introduction to course 
  • Introduction to participants 

09.15 Human rights due diligence – the basics & essential 

  • What is Human Rights Due Diligence? How does human Rights apply to companiesWe will unpack what human rights due diligence is, and necessary components of a human rights due diligence process. 
  • Key Requirements We will look at requirements as expressed in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises 
  • Discussion and Engagement The session is conducted with various interactive elementswhere participants share experiences and reflect in break-out groups 

10.30 Break / Virtual coffee and opportunity to socialise in small groups 

10.45  Human rights due diligence – good practice and addressing challenges 

  • Good Practice We will study global good practice of how companies have implemented human rights due diligence into business organisations and internal control functions 
  • Stakeholder Expectations We will learn about stakeholder expectations on human rights due diligence 
  • Company case examples Participants will select one out of 3 company case examplesreflect and discuss questions in small break-out groups 
  • Challenges and Solutions We will discuss typical challenges and how to avoid and address thembased on how other companies have done 

12.15 Lunch break  

Opportunity to have virtual lunch in small groups with option for individual sharing of experiences 

12.45 Practice: First step of HRDDidentify and assess impacts 

  • Simple methodology Walk through of simplified methodology (toolfor how to try out to conduct a human rights impact assessment 
  • Reality based Case Participants are presented with a fictional but reality-based case 
  • Discussion to analyse case Participants break out in small groups and analyse the case from a human rights perspective 
  • Present Groups present main findings to large group 
  • Feedback Course trainer provides expert commentary on findings and concludes exercise 

14.00 Break / Virtual coffee 
Opportunity to socialise in small groups 

14.15 Legal updates & Practical Next steps  

  • EU Mandatory HRDD Update on EU mandatory human Rights due diligence law forthcoming 
  • EU Mandatory HRDD Content We will look at the proposed content of the EU legislation, and discuss implications for companies 
  • Summing up – participants reflect on key take-aways and ask any remaining questions 
  • How to begin or continue Course trainer provides participants with best thinking on how to begin, and how to move ahead on the HRDD journey 
  • Practical steps to take at home, in the company or organisation 

15.00 Session ends 


Sandra Atler – Director of Enact Human Rights and Business Practice Group

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Sandra Atler is the Director of the Human Rights and Business Practice Group and Senior Advisor at Enact. She is an…
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