Design Thinking for Sustainability


08:30 - 09:30

Looking for new ideas for how to solve your sustainability challenges and reach your sustainability targets? Or for ways to develop sustainable products and services? Then join us for a breakfast briefing to explore the opportunities Design Thinking has to offer.

Design Thinking focuses on involving users and stakeholders in the development of products and services all the way through the innovation process from designing the right questions to generating ideas, prototyping and testing. The concept is increasingly applied by companies to help them innovate for sustainability. Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk works with Design Thinking to find ways to become more circular, generating ideas and testing prototypes inside and outside the organization. Other companies are using it to find ways of innovating new, sustainable products and services, finding ways to reach ambitious sustainability targets or improving processes and performances to improve environmental or social performance. Design Thinking is a mindset and a toolbox that can boost business development, innovation and sustainability.

Enact Sustainable Strategies invites you to an online breakfast briefing over Zoom on Design Thinking for Sustainability, hosted by our sustainability experts Anne Mette Christiansen and Reetta Loponen. Join us with your coffee in hand on the 17th of April between 08.30- 09.30 CET. Interested? Please sign up here:

We will offer a full-day training on Design Thinking for Sustainability in the fall. Please email olivia.krall[at] for more information.