Certified GRI Standards training

2 days starting


08:30 - 17:30

Welcome to our two-day training on GRI Standards sustainability reporting. This very popular training is certified by the Global Reporting Initiative. After completing the training, you will receive a certificate issued by GRI. The training refers to the recently updated GRI Standards (2021), which must be used for all GRI report published from 1 January 2021.

Welcome to our certified GRI Standards training on how to succeed in sustainability reporting by using GRI Standards. This training will help your organization in developing its sustainability work. We will address different ways to use the report as a part of strategic communication and describe how reporting can be used to foster sustainability.

This training focuses on the process, the results, and how the report can be used strategically. The training is largely about developing participants’ competence and ability to run complex projects such as producing a sustainability report. Effective lecture sessions are interspersed with interactive exercises and discussions based on participants’ prerequisites and challenges.

Training certified by GRI

This training is certified by the GRI secretariat in Amsterdam. After completing the training, the participant gets a certificate issued by GRI. Enact is a GRI Certified Trainer, which means that our trainings correspond to GRI’s quality requirements. This training is organized by Bonnier Aktuell Hållbarhet in partnership with Enact.


Who is the training for?

This training is aimed at you who work with communication, sustainability, reporting, or the like, and who want to learn more about sustainability reporting, regardless of sector or industry. No previous knowledge is needed, but it’s good to have some understanding of how companies and organizations work with sustainability.

Objectives of the training

The goal of this training is to develop the participants’ ability to lead or be involved in the sustainability reporting process, to provide a good overall understanding of what is required for reporting in accordance with GRI Standards, and how sustainability reporting can be used to develop the organization’s work with sustainability.

The training will mainly be conducted in Swedish.

Enact has trained more than 1100 people in GRI. For more, check out Enact’s all upcoming trainings and events here!





08.30    Welcome and introduction

09.15    Bakground
– Sustainability reporting and GRI
– GRI Standards – introduction, structure and concepts

12.30    Lunch

13.30    Start your reporting process
– Reporting in accordance with GRI Standards

– Reporting principles

17.15    Summary

17.30    End of day 1



08.30    Materility
– Identifying material topics and topic boundaries
– Reporting on management approach

12.30    LUNCH

13.30    Continuation: materiality
– Reporting material topics

15.30    Compiling and presenting information

17.00   Summary

17.30    End of day 2


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