New partnership helping us serve clients in the Baltics

February 2019

Enact has recently entered into a partnership with the well-established Estonian-based sustainability consultancy Sustinere working in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. The new partnership will help us serve our Nordic clients in the region with sustainability consultancy. Sustinere has a strong track record on sustainability reporting, ESG-related services, strategy and trainings.

“Partnering with Sustinere is a great opportunity for us to follow our Nordic clients to the important Baltic and Eastern European markets and provide high-quality sustainability and strategy advise with a solid local anchoring. Also, we are indeed looking forward to supporting Sustinere in their good work with local clients in their markets”, says Mattias Iweborg, CEO of Enact.  

Marko Siller, the founding partner of Sustinere adds: “Sweden and Finland are Estonia’s major foreign trade partners. We recognize the whole Nordic region as the utmost leader in developing society and economy in a sustainable way and it is an experience where our businesses could learn from. As it is vital to know the characteristics of Baltic market too, the alliance with Enact builds a good platform to support also Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian organizations in their sustainability performance and ability to address Nordic markets. “  

The partnership will be officially launched in Tallinn on March 5, 2019. As part of the kick off, Sustinere and Enact will host a sustainability seminar.

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