#MeToo: how do companies move from a hashtag to KPIs?

November 2017

On 6 December in Stockholm Enact is proud to offer a breakfast seminar on the topic: “Sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace – do all companies need to be equally alarmed? ” 

Our hearts have spoken on the #metoo hashtag for the past month. It has put sexual harassment and abuse at the center of the corporate agenda. Companies are now facing pressure of taking action to keep the issue under control and manage it over time. “What did we know”, “should we have known”, “why don’t people trust us to speak up and report”, “what should we do when someone reports”, “how do we know we are on the right track” are just some of the questions businesses ask themselves.

The seminar will focus on ways for companies to take concrete steps to understand and manage the human rights-related risks. We will also look into solutions that improve trust and encourage a culture for reporting sexual harassment and abuse at the work place.

We invite representatives from all industry sectors to a creative and interactive session that offers both inspiration and tools to bring back to your organization.

The discussion will be facilitated by Sandra Atler, Director of the Enact Business and Human Rights Practice Group and Ruben Brunsveld, Head of Culture and Leadership at Enact. Sandra has worked on the topic of sexual harassment and abuse at the workplace for nearly two decades, and Ruben is an expert on communication and responsible leadership.

We hope you join us for an interesting morning!

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This seminar is free of charge.