Festive launch of Enact’s Gothenburg office!

October 2017

On October 25th, we celebrated a new landmark in Enact’s development- the establishment of our Gothenburg office!

Almost fifty guests gathered for the event which started with an interactive exercise. David Carlsson, Manager of Enact’s office in Gothenburg, encouraged the guests to answer the question: Is sustainability a prerequisite for the success of your organisation?

David Carlsson introducing the launch

Before taking their seats, the guests were introduced to Emma Björner, David’s colleague in Gothenburg, and to other members of the Enact team by link to offices in Stockholm and elsewhere. After a welcoming by the CEO of Enact, Mattias Iweborg, the guests were given two inspiring presentations by Kristina Altner from Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, Södra Skogsägarna, and Fredrika Klarén from the international clothing chain, KappAhl.

Kristina Altner from Södra Skogsägarna

Kristina Altner shared Södra’s work process of developing a successful sustainability strategy. She talked about challenges but also positive experiences of getting all the stakeholders of the company on board in making sustainability a part of its core operations.

Fredrika Klarén talked about KappAhl’s strategies in moving the sustainability agenda forward within the fashion industry. She shared several useful lessons learned, for example, how KappAhl’s collaboration with competitors has led to vast progress towards improving environmental conditions around production sites in Asia.

Panel discussion: Mattias, Kristina, Fredrika and David

The session ended with a panel discussion on common experiences of integrating sustainability into business.

Food, drinks and mingling

The presentations and panel discussions provided everyone with plenty of food for thought and topics for conversation during the mingle which rounded off the evening.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the event for making our Gothenburg launch such a success!

The launch was the first of several upcoming events for Enact in the Gothenburg area. Some examples include two trainings in Sustainability Reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) on November 20 and November 28-29, a training in Sustainability Reporting for Rookies, as well as trainings on Sustainable Supply Chains in February 2018. In the pipeline is also a number of lunch seminars, called Lunch’n’Learn on various sustainability themes.

For more information about Enact’s activities in the Gothenburg area, please contact David Carlsson or Emma Björner. For more information about all of Enact’s coming activities, click here