Is it really true that Enact is the largest sustainability consultancy in the Nordics?

April 2017

Rumour has it that we have indeed grown to be the largest consultancy with a focus on sustainable and responsible business. If we are not there yet, we are well on our way. After a rapid expansion for the past two years, the Enact staff has now reached 24 consultants in four offices in Sweden, the Netherlands and China. In 2016 we welcomed six new members to our team. This year we are extremely happy to announce that we have been joined by Anne Mette Erlandsson Christiansen, earlier Partner at Risk, Sustainability & Compliance at Deloitte Denmark, and Reetta Loponen, previously Senior Manager at Sustainable Business Solutions at PwC Finland. Apart from leading efforts in our existing markets, Anne Mette and Reetta will also develop our business offerings in Denmark and Finland.

We love what we do and that shows in more work coming in. To meet the demand and expand our team of dedicated consultants, we are now looking for:

  1. One senior consultant to head our advisory service in Stockholm. Read full job posting here.
  2. One junior consultant to support our growing business activities on the Swedish West coast.    Read full job posting here.
  3. One consultant to lead our growing business activities to our office in Shanghai
  4. A Swedish speaking intern to our office in Stockholm

If Enact sounds like an exciting place to work or partner up with, you can also contact us at