A Global Presence: Enact’s International Partnerships

July 2018

A Global Presence: Enact’s New International Partnerships

Enact is happy to announce two new international partnerships!


As part of its ambition to establish a global presence, Enact is delighted to announce partnerships with FIBS in Finland and E&K Consulting in Kenya.


As Finland’s leading corporate responsibility network, FIBS helps companies to conduct business in a more responsible way. They provide the latest information for sustainable business development and offer unique networking opportunities.

With a base of over 300 members, FIBS is partnering with Enact to establish a Finnish network of human rights and business leaders, innovators and experts. The network will be modelled after The Swedish Network for Business and Human Rights, facilitated by Enact since 2012, which aims to provide a safe platform for companies to build knowledge and exchange experiences in the field of business and human rights.

Enact is  excited to partner with FIBS to replicate this successful model in Finland, thereby encouraging dialogue and advancements in the field of human rights and business.


E&K Health Consulting is an international health consulting firm and a leading advisor in the East African healthcare industry. From their headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, they provide thought-leadership, strategic advisory services and management support to clients from the private, public, and non-profit sectors in Africa and beyond.

As part of the partnership, Enact and E&K Consulting will jointly develop commercial activities in the field of sustainable business and responsible leadership in Kenya, East Africa and other markets. Together, they hope to assist companies and other organisations with consultancy services, such as sustainability reporting, stakeholder dialogues and strategy development.

Ultimately, Enact hopes that this partnership will serve to further stimulate sustainable practices in the Kenyan and East African markets.


Enact looks forward to working closely with both FIBS and E&K Health Consulting, and to expanding its presence in both regions.