First On-Live GRI-Training

April 2020

As training partners of GRI and of Aktuell Hållbarhet, we have delivered the first certified two-day GRI training in our new on-live format. The training, which is approved by GRI’s secretariat in Amsterdam should have been given at a physical venue. Many of the participants, however, preferred not to travel both due to travel restrictions and for practical reasons. As a consequence, Aktuell Hållbarhet and Enact decided to revise the training and deliver it on-line. After intense work for several days, Erika Eriksson and Josefin Unger Belin delivered the training. We usually get very high scores by our training participants in the post-training evaluations, and Erika and Josefin managed to get as satisfied participants this time.

There is a new chance to take the training May 12. Read more and sign up.