Erika Eriksson – speaker at conference

November 2016

VARBERG, SWEDEN – Erika Eriksson, consultant, and researcher at Enact’s Human Rights Business Practice Group participated at the conference “Sustainable Leadership – Decisions for a Sustainable Future” that took place on the 15th of November in Varberg. Small- and medium-sized enterprises, along with participants from academia and public sector were invited to discuss the many challenges we currently face, for which decisions we make today will have an enormous impact on the future. Keynote speaker at the seminar was Maria Wetterstrand, former Swedish Minister for Environment who spoke about the difficulties of creating change and the importance of clear and determined leadership.

Erika was invited to lead one out of three parallel seminars at which she spoke about “Social Responsibility – How to Create Value for Ourselves and our Surroundings.” Erika talked about the importance of establishing trust among its stakeholders and how business can chance current challenges into a business opportunity, using various methods and tools.

Read more about the conference here and read the tweets from the conference at #hållbarledare.