Enact provides training on sustainable and responsible business

May 2014

On September 30 Enact will be leading MiljöAktuellt’s training “Introduction to CSR – Sustainable and responsible business”. The training provides the participants with knowledge of international frameworks and standards and helps them to understand how leading companies are working to make social and environmental responsibility an integral and profitable part of the business.

This training gives you a background to the concept of sustainability, clear definitions and an overview of frameworks and guidelines related to sustainability, such as ISO 26000, Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative.

The training targets people working in the public, private or nonprofit sector who want to learn more about how organisations and businesses can and should integrate CSR and sustainability in to their operations.

For questions about the content of the training, please contact:
Sara Vikman
Mail: sara.vikman@enact.se
Phone: + 46 703 00 90 68