Enact offers an Integrated Reporting training in Johannesburg, South Africa

September 2017

Why Integrated Reporting <IR>?

Few countries can claim that Integrated reporting <IR> is common among domestic companies, but South Africa definitely can. The emergence of IR as the dominant form of corporate reporting in South Africa has produced a significant number of reports, of both listed companies and public organisations. This movement has proved to be very beneficial to reporting companies and organisations. One of the key benefits is the improvement in internal integration and management as companies now have a better understanding of business value drivers, a more thorough risk analysis, improved strategic resource plans, and reduced departmental and functional siloing.

Indeed we at Enact see <IR> as a means to strengthen fundamental internal processes such as performance monitoring, risk management and strategy alignment. In the current changing context and to promote the changes needed towards a sustainable model, business executives have to be able to think and manage differently than they have done so far. This new way of thinking is called by many “integrated thinking”. This includes a clear understanding of the company’s business model and the value created or destroyed around it, the financial and extra-financial impacts and risks involved and the aspects to be managed and reported in order to express this understanding. At Enact, we consider IR a needed evolution of corporate reporting, and our training aim to strengthen the knowledge and competences of companies to take this next step in reporting.

Seats for the next training in South Africa are available now!

As part of a few exclusively selected training foundation partners to the International Integrated Reporting Council, Enact has recently started to conduct certified training on IR in South Africa. We conducted our first training in Johannesburg in June, 2017. We are proud to notice the keen interest in our courses. In partnership with the local training company ESS, we are now releasing seats to our training course on November 1. Welcome to find out more and sign up here!

Our next upcoming <IR> course in Sweden is on 15 November. This autumn, we are also launching a course in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.