Enact Network for Sustainability Reporting – Ready for a new year!

February 2019

We are excited to announce that Enact’s Network for Sustainability Reporting is continuing to grow in 2019!

In October 2017, Enact launched the network after seeing a big surge of sustainability reporting, partly resulting from the disclosure requirments of the recently implemented EU Directive on non-financial reporting. In parallel, stakeholder expectations on transparency and accountability are continuously pushing new organisations to follow suit.

Enact took action by establishing the Network for Sustainability Reporting with the purpose to provide participants with inspiration, insights and concrete tools for sustainability reporting in an inspiring and interactive way. The network is built on the reporting network cycle throughout the year, which means that we set up our quarterly meetings in sync with each step of the reporting process. As such, it falls naturally to discuss stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis prior to discussing data collection and analysis, just to name a few topics we have covered during the past year. With 20+ members the network represents a truly diverse group with participants from small, medium and large companies as well as municipalities and public agencies – all with the ambition to sharpen their sustainability reporting.

During our first year we have been visited by prominent sustainability professionals with long-standing experience from sustainability reporting and communications: IKEA Group, Spendrups, Sida, Cority and Worldfavor. Speaking at our network is much appreciated as it is a great opportunity to discuss specific topics and continually improve one’s sustainability reporting process.

On the 18th of February we kick off this year with a focus on the topic “Capitalise on the investment – ensure effective internal and external communication of your sustainability report”, and guest speakers from Björn Borg and Tieto.

Sounds interesting? Join our fast-growing network and you will get the benefits of:

  • Staying up-to-date on the latest reporting trends and developments.
  • Building knowledge of sustainability reporting, strategy, materiality analysis, stakeholder dialogue and other aspects of reporting.
  • Get inspiration and experience from other companies – both those at the forefront of sustainability reporting and those who are new to the field.
  • Interact and discuss issues, challenges and new ideas regarding sustainability reporting with colleagues from across industries.
  • Building a network with like-minded sustainability reporting professionals.
  • Getting access to Enact’s experts including our GRI and <IR> trainers.

For further information please contact erika.eriksson@enact.se