Enact’s first time experience in Latin America!

October 2017

In October, Enact is travelling to Latin America for the first time. The purpose of the field trip is twofold: to deliver a workshop in sustainable business and responsible leadership in Bolivia; and to meet with organisations in order to explore business opportunities within sustainability and human rights in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.

In Bolivia, the Swedish Embassy and the Swedish Institute, together with key stakeholders, are looking into the potential development of a leadership programme aiming to contribute to positive social change through sustainable business practices and responsible leadership. In other words, business and leadership that promote economic growth without damaging the environment or impairing social conditions.

In Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, we are meeting with organisations to understand the context for integrating business and human rights. Human rights is an important challenge and a priority for many businesses and willingness from management teams is essential for moving forward with the sustainability agenda.

Overall, in Latin America, sustainability, human rights, and responsible leadership are an untapped opportunity for many businesses and organisations.

We see that Enact could be a catalyst for sustainable business in Latin America!