Enact and ABN AMRO: Leading by example on social impact

January 2022

We understand how hard it can be to implement ambitious targets in practice. Enact therefore did not just support our client ABN AMRO with ambitious goals to lead by example on social impact: we also created a practical, implementable roadmap with clear activities, deadlines and responsibilities.  

Jordi Scholten, ABN AMRO: “Social impact is made in myriad of ways. Enact helped us to delineate our focus for the years to come and assisted with hands-on tips and tools for implementation”. ABN AMRO is one of the world’s leading banks on human rights. They have embedded human rights requirements in their client management, and in 2020 were the first bank to have external assurance on their human rights report. In 2021, ABN AMRO wanted to take their engagement one step further by showing how they walk the walk and hold themselves to an even higher standard than they expect of their clients. 

In their Lead by Example trajectory, ABN AMRO focuses on circularity, social impact and CO2 reduction. On each of these topics, ABN AMRO wants to be a frontrunner in their sector. When it comes to social impact, they want to lead the way in not just doing no harm, but also in doing good. This is why ABN AMRO reached out to Enact Sustainable Strategies. They wanted support in understanding on what topics, and more concretely, how, the bank can lead the way when it comes to making social impact within its own organisation. 

Our experts at Enact assisted ABN AMRO to develop practical solutions to integrate human rights and achieve ambitious social impact within their own operations and procurement practices. The ABN AMRO team was challenged to be bold and ambitious in their goals. This led to concrete KPIs in four key areas where ABN can lead by example on social impact: 

  • Beyond compliance 
  • Diversity & inclusion 
  • Social buying 
  • Grievance mechanism. 

We are very proud to have partnered with such an ambitious frontrunner on human rights. Stay tuned to hear of the social impact ABN AMRO is making in the coming years!