We are very happy to welcome Emma Björner to the Enact team

August 2017

Emma is our new colleague based at the Enact office in Gothenburg. Emma has wide knowledge of sustainability tied to branding, communication and marketing in the context of businesses and the public sector. She supports companies and organisations with research, data collection, analysis and report writing. Emma also works with workshops, seminars and training in areas such as sustainability reporting, sustainable management, strategy development and stakeholder analysis.


Emma holds a Ph.D. in Business administration with a specialty in Marketing from Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. She has a MSc. in Marketing and Management and a BA. in Media and Communication Studies. As a researcher she focused on the branding of places, such as cities and nations, and developed expertise on sustainability tied to branding and communication, especially in the context of China but also more generally.

In addition to her extensive academic background, Emma has, prior to joining Enact, for example worked with event management in the Swedish pavilion at Shanghai World Expo, as China office manager at a company producing in China for Swedish firms, as Market analyst in an IT firm, as Production manager in an advertising company, and as Head of Information and PR at a student union. Emma has an international profile and has spent much time abroad, especially in China, but also in the UK, the US and Malawi.