Göteborgs Energi

When Göteborgs Energi was about to start using GRI G4 and intensify the work of stakeholder dialogue we chose to get support from Enact. The work began with a tailor-made, one-day training on GRI G4 with examples from our industry.

Magnus Enell and David Carlsson led discussions on how we can take our current work to the next level. Through the training we gained knowledge and understanding about the opportunities and challenges involved in working with G4. Both Magnus and David have extensive experience, which they shared eagerly. During the autumn Enact has also been assigned to manage and support us in stakeholder dialogue. We have received models and tools, which have been very valuable. Through Enact’s expertise we have been able to pursue our work both efficiently and with good quality in compilations and analyses.

Maud Backman | Environmental Strategist