About Tai Chi, human bingo on the Great Wall and SDG 8

April 2019

From March 19 to 22, Enact was in China to kick off the Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) Asia 2019. In this programme we bring together 29 business- and public-sector leaders from China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines to discuss sustainable business and responsible leadership.

The programme consists of three modules and takes place over a period of eight months. Since the participants come from different backgrounds, sectors and countries we designed the first module to allow them to get to know each other, create a level playing field of sustainability knowledge and, most importantly, for them to form a team.

To explore responsible leadership and self-care, the participants embraced a Tai Chi lesson in the shadow of the Great Wall, they tried to discover each other’s hidden secrets in a human bingo game during a hike on the Great Wall, and they built structures of spaghetti to reflect on their default role in a team. They also discussed the responsibility of business, mapped the value chains of different products, and used the Sustainable Development Goals to explore the state of the world.

This year SIMP Asia will have a special focus on SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. In between the modules, the participants will develop their own initiatives related to one or more of the targets under this goal. We are super excited and confident that this year’s participants will come up with great initiatives to contribute to their organisation and societies, and we look forward to continuing the journey with them in Sweden in May.