Enabling success through
and responsible leadership

Mission & Vision

We want to change the way business is being done. Often times, poor business decisions are made due to limited, short-sighted approaches. As a consequence, people, the environment, and companies all suffer. But there is a better, more sustainable way – and we want to help find it! Our vision is sustainable, global development, in which the business sector is a responsible driving force. Our mission is to help companies become more successful in reaching their overall business objectives by behaving in a more responsible way, thereby earning trust and reputation. Our ambition is to contribute to global development by becoming an internationally recognised spearhead within our field of competence.

Our Aspirational Values

We have five aspirational values that guide the way we work and interact: People We love people and base our way of working on a firm belief that individuals play a pivotal role in driving change. Passion We are passionate about what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Pioneering  We use our creativity to inspire and create pioneering solutions. Professionalism We deliver high quality in a professional way, apply in-depth expertise and communicate in an honest, transparent way. Value We create lasting value for our clients, for the world and for ourselves.

The Way We Work

We believe that many different actions are needed to realise a more sustainable world – from clear regulation that creates a level playing field and active media that reveals non-compliance to voluntary initiatives that spearhead new solutions. We are convinced that responsibility brings business success, long-term sustainable relationships and lasting value for companies and organisations – and for the world. We want to help bring about this change by helping our clients and training participants to drive change. We do have spear-heading expertise, but we always try to facilitate and build capacity. We have three different sections that can assist you: Enact Labs in which we provide training, facilitation and networking. Advisory services where we help clients deal with specific challenges. The Human Rights and Business Practice Group in which we provide in-depth expertise on how to manage human rights in business as well as in other organisations.

Sustainability at Enact

As a company we take pride in our own efforts to ‘walk the talk’. Our most important impact is through the work we deliver to our clients and our training participants. At the same time, we have a big responsibility as an employer as well as a company that is doing business with others and having an impact on stakeholders. We try to walk the talk to the best of our ability, and realise that this is a never-ending journey. Improving the tools to measure the outcomes of our non-financial performance helps us assess our progress on a yearly basis. Since March 2016, we have been certified according to the international management system standards ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environment. As part of our long-term support for the UN Global Compact and its ten principles we regularly communicate on our progress of actions and policy practice related to Human rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. We always encourage our clients, suppliers, subcontractors and associated companies to do the same. Corporate Responsibility summarises our efforts towards our vision and integrates marketplace, workplace, environment and community concerns with business operations in interaction with the stakeholders. Enact’s responsibility can be described in three dimensions:

  1. Our responsibility as a trusted and pioneering advisor to our clients.
  2. Our responsibility towards our employees
  3. Our responsibility as a business

If you are interested in our policies or have questions, please contact us.

Do you have a complaint?

We always strive to conduct our work and ourselves according to the highest ethical standards. We aim to behave in a professional and respectful way towards all our stakeholders, external as well as internal. If we would fail in our aim, we would like to know!

If you think that we as a company or any individual member of our team has behaved in an unethical way, we count of you to let us know how and when by filing a complaint so that the right measures can be taken. You can chose if you would like to identify yourself or stay anonymous.

Please file a complaint here.

Work at Enact

We want to change the way business is being done. Our ambition is to contribute to global development by becoming an internationally recognised top performer within our field of competence. In that spirit, we place a high value on nurturing a culture that fosters collaboration, teamwork and individual growth. Continuous individual feedback, monthly group meetings, high flexibility and inclusive decision-making processes are all central aspects of our work. At Enact we are very passionate about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. We only engage in projects that we think will create lasting value for the client, ourselves and the world. Therefore, decisions to take up new projects are decided jointly by the team. In our strategic planning, we encourage contributions from all team members and we always try to ensure the highest degree of transparency in all of our decisions. We believe that diversity is an important factor in business success and strive to have a team with a wide range of competences and experiences. We also strongly encourage our co-workers to take on non-profit work outside of Enact in their areas of interest. The experience gained in such positions has provided invaluable input to Enact’s work, and we therefore try to be as flexible as possible so that everyone can meet their external commitments. Do Enact’s ambitions and values match yours? Then you might be the one we are looking for! If you are interested in joining us, please send your résumé to wanted@enact.se. We are always excited to collaborate and expand our network locally and globally. If you are interested in joining us a sub-consultant or as a partner, connect with us at wanted@enact.se.

A few key facts Enact was established in 2005. The company has 20 people employed at offices in Stockholm, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Helsinki, and a number of dedicated experts linked to us on a sub-contractor basis. The work is divided into three business areas: Advisory services, Enact Labs and The Human Rights and Business Practice Group Among our clients are numbered companies such as Electrolux, Volvo Cars, SKF and Stora Enso, but also public clients such as the Swedish Institute and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.